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“Women in Business Award”

The So Now Business Award was created to support individuals in our So Now community. It is an opportunity for two members of So Now to receive a combined total of $5,000 in cash awards plus numerous in-kind donations.  By using the cash award to develop their business through education, development, marketing and promotion they will be able to compete more effectively.

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August 1st.

2017 Business Awards


• So Now Women in Business Award (up to) $2500

• So Now Women in Business Runner Up Award (up to) $1500

• So Now Women in Business 2nd Runner Up Award (up to) $1000


Andrea Henning  $2500


 "I am honored and grateful to be a So Now 2016 Women in Business Award recipient.  This award will allow me to make updates to my services delivery systems to make access to justice easier for my clients.  This award will also enable me to pursue educational opportunities and investments in my practice that may otherwise be foregone because they do not immediately product revenue.  I owe a big thank you to the generous ladies of So Now! "

2016 So Now Women in Business Award Winner - Andrea Henning

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2016 So Now Women in Business Award $1500 Winner - Jenny Vonier

2016 So Now Women in Business Award $1000 Winner - Beth Boehr

Thank you to Our 2017 Sponsors

If you would like to donate so that another woman can be helped with her business, contact Debby Dickinson Peters at or click here to download the application.

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Krisi Vadnais DoTerra

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